side of the calf thanks Courtney
side of the calf thanks Courtney
idi forearm
Thanks Idi
Healed one for Caroline. Thanks.
keiran blackbars (1)
some Minimalist bars for Kieran, thanks mate
lottie lower stomach2 (1)
Thanks Lottie.
neil close up (1)
inside forearm for Neil. thanks for coming up from Plymouth mate.
neil close up (2)
Thanks Hope. Elbow.
neil forearm (2)
thanks for the Healed pic Fiona.
racheal footcover (1)
cover up for Racheal, of what she calls catfrog;-) thanks!
racheal footcover (2)
Native American weave pattern for Charlottes thigh. thanks lady.
roberta inside forearm
Inside forearm for Roberta. Thank you.
sarah wolf (1)
Elbow ditch/bicep wolf for Sarah. always a pleasure, thank you.
sarah wolf (2)
Fix up for Sean. thanks mate.
sean upper arm (1)
thanks again Sean to you and Caroline for coming so far to get tattooed by me.
sean upper arm (2)
Chest Octopus for Dave. one sitting. Thanks.
stef inside forearm
Thanks as always Tess.
stephans upper arm
Finished Stephans memorial clock. Upper arm. thanks mate.

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